Awesome people are all around you

They are kicking butt and taking names.  Ninjas make everything awesome and they don't care what you think about it.  Lazy people are lame, but ninjas are awesome even if they aren't doing anything.  Being cool is a state of mind.  Jazz musicians are the coolest.

My computer sucks.  Why would anyone want to read anything I have to say?  I am just a computer nerd who likes to make all kinds of art and stuff.  Check out my other websites and stuff if you're bored.

The best Rock groups of all time are Led Zepplin, Sublime, Pink Floyd, Def Leopard, Van Halen, AC/DC and Queen, even though they were kind of gay because they did rock the place.  Pink Floyd is probably the best of all time.  Their concerts were off the block.

Ninjas are wicked sweet because they are stealthy and practice self-discipline until it is coming out of their pores.  Ninjas have powerful thoughts that guide the flow of the entire world.  Nothing worth happening exists without the support of many ninjas. 

Welcome to another wicked webpage by the black ninja.  Check out the awesome graphics if you're bored and have nothing to do.  Maybe you'll get inspired to do something creative like draw a picture or play a guitar and sing a song instead of clicking on stupid websites.

I have clicked on a lot of websites and have written a program that goes out and finds all kinds of interesting websites to look at.  It's really amazing how people spend their time.  Anyway, you can check out my latest projects at or not.  Whatever.


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